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Rock Chip Repair vs. Windshield Replacement for all your auto glass tips and tricks follow along

rock chip repair near me
rock chip repair near me

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A rock chip is repairable if the crack is less than a few inches. Typically a rock chip has a bulls eye pattern or a star. The veins will show us that the rock chip is fillable. Locations where a rock chip is not fillable is when it is the drivers point of view, or along the edge of the windshield. It is always best to let a trained professional take a look to ensure the windshield's integrity is still in tact. Past 3 rock chips we feel it is best to just replace the windshield to be more cost effective, and to ensure the windshield is sustainable.

How will I know if a rock chip will spread? The longer you wait the more likely it is to spreas. There are many weather related reasons why a chip will spread. The sun can heat up the crack allowing the crack to spread fast. Along with moisture, so morning dew and rain seeping into the crack will make the spidering turn into a true crack.

Windshield Replacements are needed when a crack is longer than 2 inches, and in the drivers point of view. Another example is if a rock chip hit hard enough to penetrate through both layers of glass. Let a trained professional help you determine if the damage is enough for a full replacement. Whether it is a rock chip, full windshield replacement , or any auto glass needs our heavily trained technicians can help you.


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