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A Windshield consists of 2 layers of glass laminated trogether to better protect you from outside factors such as weather, debris, and even bugs. A windshield's main goal is to protects all of its occupants.
How important is it to check your windshield?  A small chip can lead to a full replacement quick. It is important to check your glass often to ensure there is not any damage, a key step to insuring one's safety while driving or occupying a vehicle. This will ensure against any leaks, cracks, or prevent any injuries in the future.
What are sensors and common questions I will be asked? A Windshield has many options, and a customer service representative may ask you about your windshield's sensors. If you have a Vin # ready it will make this process much easier. Sensors plug into your windshield where your rear view mirror sits. It can be as simple as a rain sensor to a full heads up display. Let us help you navigate these questions and common mistakes.
A certified auto glass techician can replace your windshield in about an hour. We use the top of the line urethane to ensure against any leaks, our gift to you. We will also install any moldings fitted to your windshield, a common mistake made from others using universal products that are not fitted to your specific vehicle. Our goal is to enusre a quality product each and every installation, backed with our no leak quarantee. 

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